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THE COCOTTE From the London Show "Nymph Errant" (1933) (Cole Porter) Queenie Leonard - 1933 Cole Porter - 1935 Alexis Smith - 1989 While the lucky ones stick together With nothing to curse, but weather Permit me to tell you of my sad fate For due to my great discretion In practising my profession I suddenly wake up to find, I date When ladies still had propriety Women like me were covered with glory But now since these damned society women Invaded my territory A busted, disgusted, cocotte am I Just a flop from the top to the bottom I While those fat "femmes du monde" With the men, who once I owned Flash around like hell-bound, hippopotomi ???? ???? ???? with their names on their cheques-appeal To modern men, instead of sex, I now have ex-appeal What will Ma say to me, When she sees I've turned out to be Unannoyed, unemployed, cocotte A cheated, defeated, cocotte am I On the page, of this age, just a blot am I Since the girls known as chic Have invented new technique I'm afraid, in my trade, not so hot am I As ladies mock, make love all so delectable The boys about, won't take me out I'm too respectable And on my tombstone, I trust Will be written "excuse the dust" Of a past, but a class cocotte (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - February 2004)


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