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THE CURSE OF AN ACHING HEART (Henry Fink / Al Piantadosi) Will Oakland - 1913 Manuel Romain - 1913 Oliver Hardy (feat. in the film "Blotto") - 1930 Fats Waller & His Rhythm - 1936 Julia Lee & Her Boyfriends - 1947 Gary Shelton - 1959 Frank Sinatra - 1961 Also recorded by: Jimmie Davis; Monty Sunshine; Rick Fay; Ralph Sutton: ........... and others. You made me think you cared for me And I believed in you You told me things you never meant And made me think them true I gambled in the game of life I played my heart and lost I'm now a wreck upon life's sea Alone I pay the cost You made me what I am today I hope you're satisfied You dragged and dragged me down until The soul within me died You shattered each and ev'ry dream Fooled me right from the start And though you're not true, may God bless you That's the curse of an aching heart (Transcribed from the Oliver Hardy recording by Mel Priddle - August 2006)


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