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THE CUT OF THE CARDS (written by George "Jetson" Smith) Verse 1: Not long ago, when I was a boy, Daddy taught me 'bout simple joys... He also told of things that will never be known For that's where the seed of sadness get sown "A woman, Son," he said to me, "Must be treated delicately... "Just remember a deck of playing cards, "Is the secret to guarding your manly heart... Chorus 1: "You need a HEART to love her... "A DIAMOND to catch her; "A CLUB to reminder her... Who's really in charge; "But if all else fails, "A SPADE and a pail, "To bury her out... In the back of the yard..." Verse 2: Not long thereafter, perhaps the next day, Mama said softly, "I have something to say..." And she told me of things that I must understand, In order to grow as the right kind of man. "A woman, my son," she said softly to me, "Must be treated so delicately... "Remember a deck of playing cards, "Is the secret to guarding your manly heart... Chorus 2: "You need a SPADE to uncover "The fact that you love her, "A CLUB to go dancing in... Saturday nights; "While a DIAMOND is nice, "It's your HEART that's the prize, "She'll treasure the longest... And hold on to tight." Verse 3: So now, my young son, please listen to me Grand-ma and Grand-pa lived quite happily, Without coming to blows or even harsh words; But this is the lesson that has to be heard: DIAMONDS and CLUBS and SPADES - They were jokin'... It's only your HEART That ever gets broken....


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