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THE EYES OF THE WORLD (Words By Jeff Branen / Music By Arthur Lange, 1914) Oh it's great to be great and be something in the eyes of the world; you proclaim when a name to the eyes of all the world is unfurled. Not for me; can't you see I am longing for a land night and day; for a place on the face of this world of ours where we both can hide away. There's a land that is grand! I can see it every night in my dreams, Over the sea, here to me, comes the fragrance of its flowers, so it seems. Loving time, loving clime, where the roses are in bloom all the while! Let us fly, you and I, on our honey moon, to that far enchanted Isle. The eyes of the world, won't you take me from the eyes of the world? You know that I want to be, want to be free; take me to a lonely island far over the sea. We can live there alone. We can start a little kingdom of our own, where we can love all the day, far far away, far from the eyes of the world.


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