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THE FLIES CRAWLED UP THE WINDOW (Jack Hulbert / Douglas Furber / Vivian Ellis) Ray Starita & His Ambassadors The flies crawled up the window, It’s all they have to do They went up by the thousand And came down two by two. The flies crawled up the window, They said we love to roam So once more up the window, And then we’ll all go home (Orchestral interlude) The flies crawled up the window They said let’s have a race We backed a fly called Oswald To win and for a place At five to one he started, He soon got in his stride He started crawling sideways And he got disqualified (Orchestral Interlude) The flies crawled up the window In sunshine and in rain They do not seek for pleasure They much prefer the “pane” And if those flies annoy you Then here’s what I advise Just don’t have any windows And then you’ll have no flies (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - November 2004)


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