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THE FLOWER OF SWEET STRABANE Traditional If I were King of Ireland and all things at my will I'd roam through all creations new fortunes to find still And the fortune I would seek the most you all must understand Is to win the heart of Martha, the flower of sweet Strabane Her cheeks they are a rosy red, her hair golden brown And o'er her lily white shoulders it carelessly falls down She's one of the loveliest creatures of the whole creation planned And my heart is captivated by the flower of sweet Strabane If I had you lovely Martha away in Innisowen Or in some lonesome valley in the wild woods of Tyrone I would use my whole endeavour and I'd try to work my plan For to gain my prize and to feast my eyes on the flower of sweet Strabane Oh, I'll go o'er the Lagan down by the steam ships tall I'm sailing for Amerikay across the briny foam My boat is bound for Liverpool down by the Isle of Man So I'll say farewell, God bless you, my flower of sweet Strabane


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