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THE GARDEN IN OUR BACK YARD (Jeff Branen / James Brockman, 1917) Out in our town everybody there, Even tho the Mayor tries to do his share Teachers, Preachers, digging everywhere We're as busy as can be One old soldier close to ninety three, With a shovel on his shoulder said to me. I've been told I'm going to propose, To a girl named Rose Little turnip nose, Radish hair and freckles, I suppose, I have bought a carrot ring. Rosie, Rosie, Just the proper thing, I can cauliflower to breakfast, lettuce sing. You ought to see the little garden in our back yard, It's like a farm in Illionis With turnips and tomatoes Cabbage and potatoes 'Twould fill your little heart with joy The boys are figthing in the trenches you know what that means That's why I'm working mighty hard I'm goin' to raise a little army of "Navy beans" In our backyard. Chorus 2 You ought to see the little garden in our back yard, It's where the old barn used to stand The cows are in the kitchen All of us are itchin' To cultivate that strip of land The prices going going up is the groc'ry man's yarn But really I don't give a darn We've got a bushel of potatoes but no more barn, In our back yard.


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