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THE GIRLFRIEND OF THE WHIRLING DERVISH From the film "Garden Of The Moon" (1938) (Harry Warren / Al Dubin / Johnny Mercer) John Payne, Jerry Colonna, Johnnie Davis, Ray Mayer & Joe Venuti (Film Soundtrack) - 1938 Skinnay Ennis & His Orch. - 1938 Martin Denny - 1960 Connie Stevens - 1962 Chet Atkins - 1962 Johnny Mercer - 1971 Bette Midler (feat. in the film "For The Boys") - 1991 Trudi Mann - 1999 Hotpoint Stringband (vocal: Mark Hellenberg) - 1999 Also recorded by: Hoosier Hot Shots; Markko Polo Adventurers; Tom Hobson. One fine day, I chanced to stray On a little side street in old Bombay And met a sentimental oriental She saw me and I saw she Had a manner too bold and much too free Her eyes were positively detrimental When I asked about this gay coquette I discovered much to my regret.... She's the girl friend of the whirling dervish She's the sweetest one he's found But ev'ry night, in the mellow moonlight When he's out dervishing with all his might She gives him the run-around All the boy friends of the whirling dervish Are his best friends to his face But there's no doubt, when he isn't about They all come hurrying to take her out She leads him a dizzy pace He dreams of a Hindu honeymoon He doesn't dream that ev'ry night when he goes out To make an honest rupee She steps out to make a lotta whoopee Oh, the love song of the whirling dervish Has a sweet and tender sound But will he burn if he ever should learn That while he's doing her a real good turn She gives him the runaround She's got a nervish, throwin' him a curvish Which, of course, he doesn't deservish Poor old whirling dervish!


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