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THE GIRL I LOVED OUT IN THE GOLDEN WEST (Charles Avril / C.H. Scoggins, 1903) Twilight shadows come and go, In the evening's sunset glow, And the birds are singing goodnight in the dell; And I hear the robin trill, In its nest beneath the hill, Singing melodies my sad heart knows so well, While I listen in the glow Of pale moon rising slow, I hear a voice of one I long best; Tho' she left me long before, Yet I see her as of yore, The girl I loved out in the golden west. Just like children running wild, For no care our world defiled, And our laughter echoed load among the hills; And we rambled in the dell, Near the spot I loved so well, When I think of her my heart with sadness fills: For one day down by the brook, 'Neath a cool and shady nook, She laid her golden head upon my breast; It was there her first sweet kiss Filled my raptured soul with bliss, The girl I loved out in the golden west. Once again I feel the spell, But no words of mine can tell, I can see her grave beneath the mountain crest; And I'm keeping green the place, Where tonight I see the face Of the girl I loved out in the golden west.


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