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THE GUN Jim Reeves This is the story of love that came undone This is the story of two men and a gun of two men and a gun A man that I'd never met stole my wife and son But that's been nearly three years now and it's over with and done At first I'd stare out into space while hate consumed my soul Hate was the creed by which I lived and revenge my only goal But the road to happiness isn't paved with hate I'm glad I learned how to forgive before it was too late Now here's the way the other man paid for what he'd done I heard it from the man's own lips who took my wife and son I didn't really know this man but I'd seen him round He's a new guard at the factory where I work west of town This fellow swung into step with me and said I've got to talk I listened spellbound at his words as we stood on the walk You the guard said hoarsely are a kind man I surmise As he stood there with his handkerchief wiping in his eyes Three years ago I wronged a man I stole his wife and son I didn't realize then the terrible thing that I had done This thing gets hold of me at night and I can't sleep or rest Forgive me sir but telling it seems to get it off my chest When my past looms up like this it kinda helps me to unload I'm one man sir who knows for sure that you reap just what you've sowed I sure appreciate your listening it helps me a lot You know to have that man's forgiveness I'd give everything I've got Well I feel much better now I I didn't get your name More why that was my wife's name before we wed it's odd your name's the same You know I'd kill a man who'd do to me the thing that I've done And when the truth got through to him he handed me his gun As I gave the weapon back I said what's done is done All I ask is just be kind to Jenny and my son


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