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THE HAROLDS OF THIS WORLD From "Bar Mitzvah Boy" (Jule Styne / Don Black) The Harolds of this world have their feet planted firmly on the ground So that everyone can fly. The Harolds of this world don't say much that's profound But somehow they get by. The Harolds of this world won't let you down Like the Sydneys do No the Harolds of this world will be there When you want them to be there Happy helping everyone. Without all the Harolds nothing would get done. The Harolds of this world may not get to the top of any tree Or hang trophies on their wall The Harolds of this world wash the plates, make the tea and don't complain at all. The Harolds of this world won't set new trends Or make headline news But the Harolds of this world, they need love, Just like everyone needs love, Never thought of that before. Could be that the Harolds of this world..... need more (Transcribed by Shelley Botka - January 2005)


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