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THE HOSTAGE Donna Summer Lady: Hallo Kidnapper: Lady we've just kidnapped your husband Have $800,000 ready by tomorrow night and lady no police or you'll never see your husband alive again Lady: Hallo I remember standing there so petrified my hand frozen to the phone as a stranger's words that caught in my ears and chilled me to the bone Some dark tragedy had come right home to me they'd kidnapped my man and his life was in their hands CHORUS: He was a hostage, a hostage His life was at the mercy of their hands He was a hostage, a hostage His life depending on their gold demands Lady: Hallo Kidnapper: Lady, here's your husband through to warn not to play any games Husband: Hi honey listen I'm okay Just make sure you do whatever they tell you and whatever you do don't go to the police! Well I couldn't raise that kinda money fast so I was left no other choice so I called the police and they came in fast saying "leave it up to us just do as they told the ransom's in this bag we'll watch over you and we'll have your husband back too" REPEAT CHORUS Lady: Hallo Kidnapper: Listen very carefully lady Drive out to the abandoned shack on Highway 16 throw the package of money out the window and keep driving and remember lady no police! Well my heart was heavy as I made that drive I was sure something was wrong I soon found the shack I threw out the bag and I just kept driving on Then the shots rang out and I turned my car about On the ground one lay but the other one had gotten away REPEAT CHORUS Lady: Well they found my husband a few days later Yes, the funeral's tomorrow


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