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THE IDES OF MARCH Theodora "DocCovington" Roglev You feel the cold wind blowing Sense the breath of death On a winter's day I wish I could have saved you But now the time has come To say our last good-bye A painful look into your eyes, I watch the burning tears arise Your way ends here on that cross Tonight, on the Ides of March Your precious light's been taken Pierced by the nails Driven thru your flesh You were the best thing in my life Still I never took the time To make true love to you The snow gently covers my skin Releases me from the burden of my sins The last battle has been fought Tonight, on the Ides of March Hold on just a little longer Until we pass the gate Into eternity Then we will be together Share our love forever You and me Tonight, on the Ides of March Tonight, on the Ides of March Tonight, on the Ides of March


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