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JAPANESE SANDMAN, THE (Music: Richard A. Whiting / Lyrics: Raymond B. Egan) Nora Bayes - 1920 Annette Hanshaw with the Willard Robison Deep River Orch. - 1928 Billy Barton & His Orch. (vocal: Billy Barton) - 1931 Fred Rich & His Orch. (vocal: Elmer Feldkamp) - 1932 Charlie & His Orch. (vocal: Karl Schwedler) - 1941 Hoagy Carmichael (feat. in the film "Belles On Their Toes") - 1952 Johnny Desmond - 1953 Also recorded by: The Andrews Sisters NON-VOCAL RECORDINGS: Paul Whiteman & His Ambassador Orch. - 1920 Ben Selvin & His Orch. - 1920 Red Nichols & His Five Pennies - 1928 Cole McElroy's Spanish Ballroom Band - 1928 Snooks & His Memphis Stompers - 1931 Len Fillis & Edgar Jackson's Dance Orch. - 1932 Ray Noble & His Orch. - 1933 Benny Goodman & His Orch. - 1935 Artie Shaw & His Orch. - 1936 Dicky Wells & His Orch. - 1937 Freddy Gardner & His Swing Orch. - 1937 Felix Mendelssohn's Hawaiian Serenaders - 1940 Semprini & Kramer - 1940 Art Tatum - 1953 Terry Snyder & The All Stars - 1959 Also recorded by: Alec Wilder Octet; Isham Jones Rainbo Orch.; Billy Mure & His Orch. ..................... and many others. As recorded by NORA BAYES: Won't you stretch imagination for a moment and come with me Let us hasten to a nation lying over the western sea Hide behind the cherry blossoms Here's a sight that will please your eyes There's a lady with a baby of Japan, singing lullabies Hear her as she sighs Here's the Japanese Sandman sneaking on with the dew Just an old second-hand man, he'll buy your old day from you He will take every sorrow of the day that is through And he'll bring you tomorrow, just to start a life anew Then you'll be a bit older in the dawn when you wake And you'll be a bit bolder in the new day you make There's the Japanese Sandman, trading silver for gold Just an old second-hand man trading new days for old Then you'll be a bit older in the dawn when you wake And you'll be a bit bolder in the new day you make Here's the Japanese Sandman, trading silver for gold Just an old second-hand man trading new days for old (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2014) ******************** EXTRA VERSE: Just as silent as we came, we'll leave the land of the painted fan Wander lightly or you'll wake the little people of old Japan May repose and pleasant dreaming Be their share while the hours are small Like an echo of the song I hear the Japanese Sandman call New days near for all ******************** TRIVIA: Charlie & His Orchestra were an early 1940's Nazi-sponsored German propaganda swing band. Jazz music styles were considered rebellious by the Nazis, but, ironically, propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels conceived of using the style in radio broadcasts aimed at Great Britain, Canada and the United States. British listeners could hear the band every Wednesday and Saturday at around 9 pm. The purpose of the band was to stir pro-Nazi sympathy, draw attention to World War II Allied losses, convince listeners that Great Britain was a pawn for American and Jewish interests, and carry Adolf Hitler's messages in an entertaining form. The songs stressed how badly the War was going for the target audience, and how it was only going to be only a matter of time before they would be beaten. American swing and popular British songs were initially performed true to the original, until about the second or third stanza where pro-German lyrics and monologues would be introduced. The band was led by Lutz Templin with vocals by Karl "Charlie" Schwedler. They made over 90 recordings between March 1941 and February 1943. As recorded by CHARLIE & HIS ORCHESTRA: Watch the Japanese Sandman Like a bolt from the blue He's no second-hand man He'll take no old days from you He will bring you some sorrow Long before you are through And he'll give you tomorrow What was coming to you Then you'll be a bit wiser In the dawn when you wake He'll throw mud in your eye, sir And the Empire he'll take Watch the Japanese Sandman Changing old days for new He is no second-hand man Your mistakes you will rue (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2014)


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