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THE LITTLE BIRDS From "Darling Lili" (Henry Mancini / Johnny Mercer) Henry Mancini & His Orch. (vocals : Julie Andrews & Rock Hudson) "Hi dee, hi dee ho" (French) "Whee, whee" Trills the tiny chickadee It's my turn now. "Who, who, who are you?" Hoots the wise old owl, too "Me, me" Sings the sparrow in the tree I'll teach you how. China or Peru, the thing to do Is have a picnic every spring Where you can listen to the birds Who need no words To teach you how to sing. Low, high, high and low (French) One, two, all together here we go It's our turn now. "Brr, brr, than you sir" Goes the scarlet tanager "Tweet, tweet" Chirps the cheery parakeet It's my turn now. "Hear, hear, lend an ear" Sing the linnets loud and clear "Hark, hark" Look who's singing like a lark And he knows how. This is how we pass Our music class We learn a little more each day (French) A language, too That's how we speak Anglais. "Whoo-whoo-broodle-oo" Goes the emerald cockatoo "Bob white" Sounds the partridge in the night It's our turn now. "Hi ho, hi ho hee" Goes the tirmouse ... "Mush, mush" Sings the dignified old thrush So take your bow. If we practice well Why who can tell The opera house we'll occupy And if we harmonize just so Next thing you know We might learn how to fly. And so off we go (French) Small birds Hum the music and the words It's our turn now. La la la la la la (etc.)


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