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THE LITTLE HOUSE UPON THE HILL (Ballard MacDonald / Joe Goodwin / Harry Puck, 1915) I feel oh! so lonely tonight, I feel all alone, I'm just starving for a sight Of my old Kentucky home, I can see my mother old and gray, I can hear the whippoor will, I can see a light for me In the window of the house upon the hill: I've seen many wonderful sights, Wand'ring on my way, But I've spent such lonesome nights, And been weary thru the day, I'm just longing for a mother's love, And I know she longs for me, Can't erase her loving face, It's the sight of all sights I want to see: There's a light that's burning in the window Of a little house upon the hill, And the light will burn, And a heart will yearn, And it always will till I return, For there's only one mother, I know she's waiting still, And she'll always keep the light a burning in the window of the house upon the hill.


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