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THE MAHARAJAH OF MAGADOR (Loeb / Harris) Ziggy Talent (with Vaughn Monroe & his Orchestra) There's a rich Maharajah of Magador Who had ten thousand camels and maybe more He had rubies and pearls, and the loveliest girls But he didn't know how to do the rumba. He could afford..... a big reward So to his people one day he said: Ah ha hahahahahahahahahahah (Ah ha hahahahahahahahahahah)Which means... Take my rubies and take my pearls Take my camels and take my girls Rumba lessons are wanted for The rich Maharajah of Magador. Ah hahahahahahahahah So a slick little chick answered, "That's for me" Through the ad he had placed in Variety When she saw his expanse, she could tell at a glance That he'd never learn how to do the rumba. He had his wealth, he had his health So he looked in her eyes and said: Ah hahahahahahahahahha (Ah ha hahahahahahahahahahah) Take my rubies and take my pearls Take my camels, I'll keep my girls From now on you'll be working for The rich Maharajah of Magador. Ah hahahahahahahaha He was anxious to learn, so she taught him right But she taught him the thrill of a moonlight night. He discovered the bliss of a half promised kiss But he never learned how to do the rumba. And on the day...she went away You could hear all the people say: She took his rubies and took his pearls Took his camels and all his girls Took his money and what is more She made the rich Maharajah the poor Maharajah of Magador. Ah hahahahahahahah (Contributed by Bill Huntley - January 2005)


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