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THE MASK Roger Glover It's later on a Wednesday, the sun is going down I'm standing naked by a swimming pool, there's no one around My imagination wanders back, red dust is always there We lay together in the jungle, and love was in the air As I dive into the water, both time and motion freeze I'm hanging there suspended like a feather in the breeze Below is your reflection, like an image from the past But I can't be sure if it's really you, 'cause you're wearing a tribal mask Take it off, take off the mask (4X) There is no way of knowing how long I must remain Dangling like a statue, and whispering your name But suddenly it's over, and I begin to fall But the swimming pool is empty now, no water there at all I find myself in a room, empty and it's bare With nothing but a mirror, and I know you're waiting there I'm looking for an answer, but I don't know who to ask I see my own reflection, but this time, I got the mask I can't take it, I can't take it (2X) Take it off, take off the mask (4X) Ah I can't take it, no I can't take it, no, no I can't take it, I can't take it I can't take it, no, no, no Take it off, take off the mask (8X) Oh, whoaoh, Oh, whoa-o-o-o (Repeat to fade)


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