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THEME FOR A NEW LOVE (I Saw You Only Once) (Abrams / Levine) David Jones - 1965 (Spoken softly to music) I saw you only once, and I knew There could be no one for me but you Yours was the face I wanted to see Wanted to touch, so tenderly You smiled and took me by surprise And you captured my heart with your eyes The way you walk The tilt of your head The sound of your voice And the things you've siad For you've so many secrets So much mystery to everyone else But you share them with me You're so much like a kitten That I hold in my arms When we laugh and you tease I'm taken by your charms You're lovely and charming And loving and sweet You captivate everyone you meet Your laughter's like music You're always such fun You're all of my dreams rolled into one Then there are times when you're moody Times when you're blue When the deepest, dark, Black of night is you Yet, all of these moods Love, helped you to see and Understand what's inside of me You're so soft to my touch And our love is so new How can I tell you how much I love you You're the raindrops that fall And refresh everything For when I am with you It is eternally spring I love you I love you I love you (Transcribed by Carlene Bogle - June 2004)


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