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THEN I'LL HAVE TIME FOR YOU From the Broadway Musical "Follow Thru" (1929) (Music: Ray Henderson / Lyrics: Lew Brown & Buddy G. DeSylva) Margaret Lee & Don Tomkins (Broadway Production) - 1929 Margaret Lee & Don Tomkins (Film Soundtrack) - 1930 As performed by MARGARET LEE (as Babs) and DON TOMKINS (as Dinty) in both the 1929 Broadway Production and the 1930 Film Musical: BABS: Let's understand each other here and now We have no claim upon each other I hope I've made the matter clear, and now I'll have to treat you like a brother I don't mean I'll never be your wife But first I want to see a bit of life When I've suffered intensely And enjoyed it immensely Then I'll have time for you When I'm with my kid brother And they think I'm his mother Then I'll have time for you When they flirt with me from 'cross the street But, when closer, beat a quick retreat When I tire much quicker And my hips become thicker Then I'll have time for you DINTY: I'm glad you've had your little say with me You wanta treat me like a sister Well, let me tell you that's okay with me But, after this, please call me Mister Don't think that I'm staying on the shelf I've got a thing or two to do myself When I've ruined the figures Of a dozen gold diggers Then I'll have time for you When my clutch and ignition Are all out of commission Then I'll have time for you When the girls who chase around with me Tell me what a man I used to be When my spirit is broken And I live in Hoboken Then I'll have time for you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2017)


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