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THEN I'LL STOP LOVING YOU (Words by Joe Goodwin, Joe McCarthy / Music by Al. Piantadosi, 1913) You seem afraid of my love, dear, afraid of the things that I do, true love has never run smooth, dear, that's why you think I'm not true. It's foolish to tell you my lovetale, I can't think of anything new, still I'll admit you are right, dear, maybe I'll stop loving you. Sweethearts must have bits of sorrow, that helps to sweeten the joy; sad today, glad on the morrow, life of a girl and boy. One smile can chase any frown, dear, One kiss can gladden the heart, though I may stop loving you; dear, that very day I will start. When the golden sun stops shining, when the flowers cease to grow, when a broken heart stops pining, when the waters cease to flow; when a lad without a lassie, never feels a trifle blue, when a child won't miss it's mother's kiss, then I'll stop loving you.


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