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THE PARSON OF PUDDLE (Greatrex 'Rex' Newman) Stanley Holloway (Monologue) - 1938 In the sweet little, neat little, Only one street little Parish of Puddle O’er which I preside. There dwells a young lady whose name is O’Grady prefixed by the Christian names Caroline Sady, And rumour has stated, The facts circulated, That she is as thin as a lath, And I’m bound to admit That she is every bit, For I saw her today in her bath... chair and noticed the fact plain to see. O lack a day, O lack a day, O lack a day me. In the high little, Spry little, feel rather dry little Parish of Puddle O’er which I preside, We had a school outing With races and shouting, For little girl guides and little boys scouting And when all the teachers Were cooling their features With something that fizzed in a glass One said “Don’t you think You’d like something to drink” I said “Yes, I should like a small Bass... -ket of strawberries With cream and some tea In the bright little, Tight little, stay out all night little, Parish of Puddle O’er which I preside, It fell to my duty To wed a stage beauty To one of the Air Forces second leftooty In every relation Showed great jubilation When just as a twelve month had run One fine Wednesday night With the greatest delight She presented her spouse with a son... Day school hymn book That cost One and three. In the blank little, swank little, two pubs and bank little Parish of Puddle o'er which I preside A spinster named Mary Once opened a dairy And as new laid eggs, seemed to be necessary, She purchased some hens In most beautiful pens, But when egg collecting she went, She found with dismay That those birds could not lay For each of those fowls was a gentle... and shy little rooster you see. O lack a day, O lack a day, O lack a day me.


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