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THE PROUD ONE (Bob Gaudio / Bob Crewe) The Osmonds - 1975 Livin' is dyin' 'Cause love you've left me cryin' Now there's no use tryin' to go on Each night I dream baby, pretendin' There'll be a happy endin' Burnin' down deep inside Got a heartbreak that I can't hide (Down inside, deep down inside) Chorus: I'm not the proud one, I need you I'm beggin' to you baby, please You're the proud one, believe me This poor man is down on his knees Baby, please Oh baby, remember The love we shared so tender Hoping that forever you'd me mine I wish you could hear me, oh baby If only you were near me I didn't know what I had Don't ya know that I feel so bad (Didn't know, I didn't know) (Chorus) (Repeat chorus twice, with ad-libs from Donny, fade)


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