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THERE BUT FOR YOU GO I Frederick Loewe (m) Alan Jay Lerner (l) 1947 as rec by Frank Sinatra w Orch cond by Axel Stordahl March 31st 1947 Hollywood This is to say, but as I wandered through the lea, I felt for just a fleeting moment that I suddenly was free Of being lonely, then I closed my eyes and saw the very reaso why; I saw a man with his head bowed low, His heart had no place to go; I looked and I thought to myself, with a sigh, "There but for you go I!". I saw a man walking by the sea, Alone with the tide was he; I looked and I thought, as I watched him go by, "There but for you go I!". Lonely men around me, Trying not to cry; Till the day you found me, There among them was I! I saw a man who had never known A love that was all his own; I thought, as I thanked all the stars in the sky, "There but for you go I!". (Transcribed by Peter Akers - April 2011)


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