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THE RED LANTERN (Fred Fisher, 1919) The Chinese tell a story that's full of mystic glory, of the Orient, a tale of wonderment; by the temple walls, each night, they burn a red, red lantern bright, to their ancient warrior maid they pray. From English sire descended her blood with China blended, eyes of Saxon blue, skin of yellow hue; at the call of war's command, her heart turned to her Motherland, ever more they honor her and say. Shine on Red Lantern, through the gloomy night, Over fields of white, Shine on Red Lantern, over poppies bright, where she sleeps tonight, While temple bells to the God of war is calling, While thru the moonlight the yellow dragons crawling, Come with sword in hand, save your China land, Shine on Red Lantern, send your silver beams, Over hills and streams, Shine on Red Lantern till the morning gleams, Wake her from her dreams, Sound the tom tom till they come, Beat the cymbal and the drum, Shine on Red Lantern shine on.


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