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(THERE'S A LITTLE LANE WITHOUT A TURNING) ON THE WAY TO HOME SWEET HOME (Sam. M. Lewis / George W. Meyer, 1915) I wonder if they miss me nowadays I wonder if they would forgive my ways I'd love to kiss somebody I adore I'd give a lot to see them all once more, I haven't treated them just as I should I'd go home tomorrow if I could. When every friend you've had has turned you down, When every smile has turned into a frown, When every finger points at you in shame Somebody home says you are not to blame, I sometimes hear somebody teaching me My first lesson in geography There's a little lane without a turning, On the way to home sweet home There's a little mother always yearning, For the ones that long to roam There's a road that leads to strangers That's where friendship parts, Another leads to dangers, And it's paved with broken hearts Take the little lane without a turning, On the way to home sweet home.


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