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THERE'S A LOT OF BLUE EYED MARYS DOWN IN MARYLAND (Jack Yellen, Milton Ager / Geo. W. Meyer, 1919) Maryland, Maryland, you've made chicken famous every where. Maryland, Maryland, I'm not kickin' but I must declare, You've got other chicken too, Baby Dolls with eyes of blue, They're the sweetest kind Here's what I've got in mind. Maryland, Maryland, It's no wonder they've got such blue eyes, Maryland, Maryland, they're raised under Heaven's bluest skies, Sunbeams find a resting place, In each Mary's smiling face, Every one's a prize I'm here to put you wise. There's a lot of blue eyed Mary's down in Maryland, I'll have you understand, there is no sweeter brand, If you want a blue eyed bride just take a ride to Maryland, They've got just what you need, yes, indeed, Every one comes guaranteed; If you want the "best what am," in a wedding gown, Be some "Mary's little lamb," follow her around; If you'll marry one you'll settle down in Fairyland, And raise a lot o' little Mary's down in Maryland.


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