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THERE'S AN ELEPHANT IN MY BEDROOM (Tony Hiller / Ralph Murphy) Bernie Winters - 1967 There's an elephant in my bedroom And I keep him under my bed He says he's nice and comfy But he always bumps his head He wakes up nice and early And he jumps into my bed He pulls the covers off me And pulls me out of bed I knew he was excited We were going to the zoo And then we woke up Mummy 'Cause she was coming too We all walked to the bus stop And waited for the bus But when the driver saw us He wouldn't stop for us We were so very angry And my elephant stamped his feet And with his trunk he caught the bus And pulled it back to us We got there in a hurry We had no time to spare We said, "Hello, dear Hippo" And spoke to Mr. Bear They wanted to come with us Dear Mummy, please agree I'm glad that Mummy said we could So I took them home for tea There's crocodiles in the bathroom And there's monkeys in the hall The house is full of lizards You ought to see them crawl There's an elephant in my bedroom And it's very crowded there But we are so very happy That we don't really care (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2017)


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