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THERE'S ANOTHER ONE BEHIND (Myles Rudge / Ted Dicks) Lance Percival - 1965 I'm sorry, this bus is full right up.......Git orf! There's another one behind, another behind Who'll happily transport you to the place you have in mind I've fourteen standing down below and upstairs even more If anybody else goes up there, they'll all be through the floor There's another one behind, another behind Providing that its driver hasn't recently resigned I can't say I blame him, the job's an uphill grind So, clear off mate, you're gonna have to wait for the other one behind So, what I'd do if I were you is form a little queue and wait And if the one behind don't stop because he's running late There's another one behind, another behind Their conductor can't speak English, but his manner's are most refined If you get abusive, you'll very likely find that before you're done You'll get a fourpenny one and another one behind Oh, if you ask me there's gonna be a very nasty free-for-all Who'd be a public servant, it drives you up the wall There's another one behind, behind the one behind And don't tell me it's raining 'cause that's your 'ard luck, not mine It's no use beggin' on your knees and offering double fares We've already two alsatians (woof! woof!) sittin' on the stairs There's another one behind and probably you'll find Another one behind the one behind the one behind But in view of where you're going, to be absolutely blunt You'd be out of your mind to get the one behind 'Cause the bus you need is in front! Any more fares please! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2015)


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