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(THERE'S) NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL Joseph A. McCarthy - Joseph Meyer Peggy Lee with the Ralph Carmichael Orchestra There's no fool like an old fool, And I'm a prize fool out of the old school - Though bells rang when I met you, Still I let you get away. No song like an old song - How it reminds me that I was so wrong To walk out - let the blues in - That's a losing game to play. Red leaves of autumn will flame again on the hill, And I know come springtime that I'll remember you still. No love like a true love, And I've discovered there is no new love To run to or to thrill to Like the thrill you used to be. It was my fault, losing your love, And there's just one thing I'm sure of - That there's no fool like an old fool Like me. (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - January 2011)


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