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THERE'S NO PLACE ON EARTH LIKE AUSTRALIA Slim Dusty Let them sing away of sunny California Sing of Texas and New York and Tennessee Let them sing of all the joys of Oklahoma But it's good old Oz, that's the place for me CHORUS: Oh there's no place on Earth like Australia Sure and good old Oz is good enough for me Oh there's no place on Earth like Australia Sure and good old Oz is where I'll always be There's the cloudless, clear blue skies of sunny Queensland With its beaches and its magic tropic isles There's the wealth of Weipa, Greenvale and Mount Isa And the sugar canes so green when nature smiles REPEAT CHORUS Aren't you proud that you are living in Australia With its golden west, its cattle and its sheep With Mount Newman and Tom Price in West Australia Where the wheels of progress never, ever sleep REPEAT CHORUS Oh there's everything on Earth in our Australia There's our Arnhem Land, the land of rock and ridge Oh I'd waste your time to sing of San Francisco When there's Sydney, with its harbour and its bridge REPEAT CHORUS x 2 (Transcribed by Mel Priddle & John Sanders - July 2002)


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