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THERE'S NOTHING PROUD ABOUT ME (Harry Gifford / Fred E Cliffe) as recorded by George Formby September 13th 1934 I'm not stuck up or proud, I'm just one of the crowd, A good turn I'll do when I can. A local doctor one night Needed somethin' put right, And he wanted a handy man. There's nothin' proud about me; I dash round quick as can be. A girl on the couch said, "I'm fearin' the worst! Had I better take just a few things off first? I think I need overhaulin'!", I answered, "So I see! But first of all the truth I must tell, I've called to look at your front street doorbell! But I don't mind if I overhaul you as well, There's nothin' proud about me! Out in Persia one day, That's a long way away, I found that I hadn't a cent. For a bed, then I thought, Well the Sultan's a sport, To his palace at once I went. There's nothin' proud about me, I'm fond of good company. The harem was full up with wives of all kind, I said, "I'm sure room for me they can find, The Sultan need not be jealous, A good lad I will be!" One hundred wives he's got, so it's said, There must be some place to lay down my head! I don't mind turnin' in at the foot of the bed, There's nothin' proud about me! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2017)


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