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THERE'S ROOM FOR US ALL ON THE TROLLEY Lyrics: Felix Feist - Music: Harry Bennett first published in 1907 Sue Smith There's no need of crying, yourself be denying Of pleasure, when your toil is o'er. You needn't be wealthy as long as your healthy, There's fun passing front of your door. If you're hale and hearty, just join in the party That's coming along on the car. They're singing and joking, the rear seats for smoking; All you need is the girl and cigar. (Chorus) There's room for us all on the trolley, So why not come out for a ride? You'll mix with the crowd and be jolly With the girl you adore by your side. The motorman can't turn to watch you; The conductor's too busy to see! So why stay inside when it's so cheap to ride? If you haven't the price, come with me. You've had time for wooing, for billing and cooing - You're ready to take in the sights. Then without delaying, for two drinks you're paying, When suddenly, out go the lights. You feel for your dearie, and say "Stay right near me," And then you take hold of her arm. But you've been mistaken, the wrong arm you've taken, And a kiss back home fixes the harm. (Chorus) (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - April 2014)


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