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THERE WAS A TAVERN IN THE TOWN (Parker / Smith) Sammy Davis Jr. - 1961 Now, I want you cats to dig this story.... There was a tavern in the town With a chick whose name was Honey Brown Behind those swinging doors she'd fill my favourite stein And my love promised to be mine There was a tavern down the street Where my true love and I would meet And when I'd cling to her like ivy to a vine I tasted lips as sweet as wine We rubbed elbows with the Mayor And a grand piano player There was no one feelin' gayer When my poor heart broke 'Cause a fellah they called Randall Overturned a lighted candle And the tavern and my love Went up in smoke Umm, don't'cha know I miss that tavern in the town And I will also miss Miss Honey Brown I am like a child that's lost the only friend he found So goodbye old tavern in the town Yes, goodbye old tavern in the town I'll find the cat that burned you down I will never, never rest until he's six feet in the ground So goodbye, goodbye, goodbye tavern in the town (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2017)


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