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THESE ARE NOT MY PEOPLE (Joe South) Joe South Also recorded by: Tom Northcott; Johnny Rivers; Billy Joe Royal; Swamp Dogg; Freddy Weller. Well, your momma and your poppa sent ya to the finest school Never let it be said that their little darlin was a fool With a credit card and your good name You were drawn like a moth to a flame To the people of the night where you more or less lost your cool *It's been a gas but I'm gonna have to pass Chorus These are not my people no These are not my people And it looks like the end my friend Gotta get in the wind my friend Well you find yourself naked in the world with no place to hide And you felt for the pulse of you're god and he had died Now you're rebels that have got no cause Lord, you're tigers that have got no claws Well they promised you the world on a string but you know they lied Oh, you said you'd be back in a black Cadillac limousine But you know I'm inclined to think it's not the kind you mean 'Cause when you fall down from off your cloud And you're just another face in the crowd There gonna throw you away like last week's magazine *Repeat "It's been a gas but I'm gonna have to pass" before each Chorus


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