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THE SECOND ARRANGEMENT Steely Dan Pour out the wine, little girl/I've got just two friends in this whole wide world. Here's to reckless lovers/We all need somebody. Smashing in the yellow Jag/I've my life and laundry in a Gladstone bag. You should know the program/Just one red rose and a tender goodbye (one last goodbye) And I run to the second arrangement/it's only the natural thing. the roue steps out, with no regrets/a sparkling conscience, a new address/ when i run to the second arrangement/the home of a mutual friend. Now's the time to redfine the first arrangement again. It's a sticky situation, a serious affair/I must explain it to you somehow. Right now, I'll just move back one square. (guitar solo) Old friends abandon me/it's just the routine politics of jealousy. Someday we'll remember/just one red rose and a tender goodbye (one last goodbye) (chorus repeat)


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