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THE SEINE (Irving Burgess) The Kingston Trio One night along the river at Saint-Germain-des-Prés I first met my beloved at a small sidewalk café. We walked along the river, the shadows passing by But we only saw each other, the shining water and the sky Chorus: The Seine, the Seine, when will I again meet her there Greet her there on the moonlit banks of the Seine? Standing there across the river, mid sound of horn and tram In all her quiet beauty, the cathedral Notre Dame And as we passed beside her, I said a little prayer That when this dream was over, I'd awake and find you there (Chorus) We walked along the river, 'till dawn was coming nigh Beneath the Eiffel Tower we said our last good-bye. There on that splendid morning, I left you all in tears And the beauty of that hour will shine within me through the years (Chorus) The Seine, the Seine, When will I again meet her there on the Seine? (Contributed by - March 2007)


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