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THE SWAMP GIRL (Brown) Frankie Laine - 1962 Where the crane flies through the marshes And the turtles sun their shells Where the water rat goes swimmin' That's where my swamp girl dwells Where the sunlight never wanders And the moonlight never falls Where the water's black with the devil's track That's where my swamp girl calls What did she say there The girl with the golden hair To make me follow her down there How did she look when she took me by the hand Tonight her hair will float in the water And the gold will no longer shine It will spread like a fan in the water While she makes a mysterious sign I have seen that sign before Her eyes aren't like the whippoorwill And her eyes aren't like the frog Her eyes are like the damned bat Stretchin' in the dawn I have seen her face in the water And the chilling look in her eyes And if you see her, then you must flee her Never follow where disillusion lies Or will you go to the girl with the golden hair Down there where her work is done Will you embrace the night And turn your back on the sun She'll say its better there in the water Where it's cool and calm and serene She will call you to come to the water To a world made of emerald green I have heard that call before I can hear it when I'm teary I can hear it when I'm old I can hear it when the joy of living Seems to have lost its glow For my Swamp Girl lives inside of me And she leaves me pale and wan She dares me, she tears me Like paper dolls are torn Calling "Come to the deep Where your sleep is without a dream" (Come to the deep where your sleep is without a dream) Calling.... (Come....) (Transcribed by Bette Carl & Mel Priddle - January 2004)


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