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THE SWAN From the film "Funny Girl" (1968) (Jule Styne / Bob Merrill) Barbra Streisand - 1968 What are ya gonna do? Shoot da swans? These lovelies? Can't you see when you look at me What a lovely creature is a swan - yo hoo!! I'm all over fluffy white. I wouldn't peck at you or bite And have tiny twinkle toes to dance upon- Oh was that good? So you just gotta have a swan Or you're out of luck `Cause a chicken wouldn't do it Would only cluck And besides you couldn't say "I saw a chicken leg ballet" They would think you don't know nothin' You are missing you are button `Cause a chicken's only good for consummate Where upon, where upon, Where upon where upon A chicken or a duck is a mistake When you do Swan Lake Ballet!


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