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THE TREES IN GROSVENOR SQUARE (Bob Whittam) Paul Fenhoulet & The Skyrockets (vocal: Doreen Lundy & The Radio Revellers) The trees in Grosvenor Square What secrets do they share Our hopes and fears They’ve sheltered through the years Those lovely trees in Grosvenor Square But now the trees are bare No longer do we linger there I heard them sigh the night we said goodbye And whispered a prayer in Grosvenor Square They seemed to know that my heart travelled with you (Oh London is not the same) The trees with a sigh lift their arms to the sky And softly whisper your name. They say please don’t despair For sign of spring are everywhere They know that soon I’ll find you again With moonlight touching your hair Beneath the trees in Grosvenor Square Those wise old trees The trees in Grosvenor Square. (Orchestral Interlude) Those wise old trees The trees in Grosvenor Square. In Grosvenor Square. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - January 2004)


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