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THE TUCK SHOP Harry Hemsley Harry Hemsley There are draper shops, and dairies, There are chemists, one or two, There are butcher shops, and fish shops, And green grocers quite new. But of all the shops there in the town, Although it is very small, The nicest shop is the old tuck shop, And I like it best of all. It's quite jolly in the grocers 'Cept when they're selling cheese, And the florists sell sweet flowers, Red roses, and sweet peas. I like the scent of roses, And the scent of wild woodbine, But the nicest scent is the old tuck shop, And I wish that shop were mine. We get castor oil from chemists, The oil shop, paraffin, The toy shop, trains and trumpets, But they're mostly made of tin. I often dream of the tuck shop, And I know just what I'd do, If I were alone in the old tuck shop, Then my dreams would all come true. (Contributed by James Went - February 2007)


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