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THE VIOLET THE ROSE AND YOU (Words by Joe Hiller / Music by Geo. F. Olcott, 1915) The shades of night were falling and the sun had gone to rest, In dreams I seemed to see the one I've always loved the best; She stood among the roses where perfume filled the air, 'Twas the love light from her eyes so bright that put me in despair. The The roses lose their splendor and they droop when you're away, The stars don't shine so brightly and I miss you more each day; You've made the world a garden of roses filled with love, You are all to me in this wide world, you're mine by the stars above. The Violet, the rose and You, dear, that I met in the garden of love, The moonlight, the sunshine, all came with you, you brighten the heavens above. Each rose seemed to tell a story of your love so fond and true, I need you, I want you, I love you forever, the Violet, the Rose and You.


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