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THE WHITE TRASH SONG Album : Seven Bridges Road 1972 (Written by Steve Young) Steve Young I wake up every morning , About the break of dawn Hear the rooster crowing , Feel all alone There's honeysuckle outside my window Dew sparkling on the vine,.. Little squirrels barking Like they thought they was a mountain lion ,.. I get to thinking about the road And all the times I come back again , I was born a child to these muddy roads, Die here lonesome as the wind ,... Cause all cars they're broke down Laying in my front yard I ought to get one together But the work just seems so hard But a man come by this morning He wanted to paint my barn He painted " See Rock City - US Highway 41 " I use to have a church woman Pretty as she could be But she run off with old Jimmy Swaggart ( or : a TV preacher) Up in Nashville , Tn . So I drink a lot of liquor I drink a lot of booze I'm a midnight country rambler I ain't got nothing to lose So when you carve my tombstone honey , Don't worry about no name Just say he come with a Georgia wind And left with the ( or : a ) morning rain But he could play a fiddle , Make a dobro ring Make a guitar sparkle Like that early morning rain Yeah , a man came by here today He wanted to paint my barn He painted "See rock City - Us Highway 41 "


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