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THE WRECK ON THE HIGHWAY (Written by Dorsey Dixon) Roy Acuff Who did you say it was brother? Who was it fell by the way? When whiskey and blood run together Did you hear anyone pray? CHORUS I didn't hear nobody pray, dear brother I didn't hear nobody pray I heard the crash on the highway But, I didn't hear nobody pray. When I heard the crash on the highway I knew what it was from the start I went to the scene of destruction And a picture was stamped on my heart. There was whiskey and blood all together Mixed with glass where they lay Death played her hand in destruction But I didn't hear nobody pray. I wish I could change this sad story That I am now telling you But there is no way I can change it For somebody's life is now through. Their soul has been called by the Master They died in a crash on the way And I heard the groans of the dying But, I didn't hear nobody pray. CHORUS


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