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THEY ALL FALL IN LOVE From the film "The Battle Of Paris" (1929) (Cole Porter) Gertrude Lawrence - 1929 Jack Hylton & Orchestra - 1930 Each year, when spring, quite uninvited Gives a garden party to the world united Ev'ryone gets so excited They don't know what they're thinking of Folks who've spent the winter freezin' Whiff the balmy breeze and simply lose their reason They know it's the open season For falling in love The young fall, the old fall The red-hot mammas and the cold fall From the lily white to the black as night They all fall in love The fools fall, the wise fall The wets, the sprinkled and the drys fall From the men who drink to the men who wink They all fall in love You may believe your broker is very mediocre At playing with your stocks and bonds At business he may be a blunder Yet he's a perfect wonder when he plays with the blondes Old maids who object fall Old men you never would suspect fall Even babies who can hardly crawl, fall 'Cause they all fall in love The wags fall, the boobs fall The gold-brick sellers and the rubes fall From the underbred to the overfed They all fall in love The good very oft fall The hard-shelled Baptists and the soft fall Just to prove they believe in the fall of Eve They all fall in love The solemn undertaker is shyer than a Quaker As long as he is filling graves But let him meet a missus who hasn't prejudices And he misbehaves The angels on high fall And men like Lindbergh who can fly, fall Even boxers much too pure to fall, fall 'Cause they all fall in love The pet parakeets fall The English sparrows in the streets fall From the doves of peace to the wildest geese They all fall in love Small bookworms on the shelves fall Amoebas even for themselves fall From the early worms to the latest germs They all fall in love When strolling in a thicket, if you pick up a cricket And put him in a shady tree You'll find a little later that he's become the pater Of a family The pigs fall, the sows fall The bull walks in and all the cows fall Even mules that never fall at all, fall 'Cause they all fall in love


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