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THE YAM EXPLAINED Irving Berlin Fred Astair, Ray Nobles - I say, Fred, old potato, about this yam, has it anything to do with Popeye**, that sailor person? - Popeye? What do you mean? - Well, it seems to me I heard him mention something about "eye-am", what "eye-am"? - Oh Ray, oh Ray! Haven't you seen this latest dance called "Yam"? - Oh, you mean, the Yam? - Yes. - No, I haven't. - I'm not surprised, Ray. But anyway, listen - If you want to learn this yamming art, Put your heels together, and your toes apart, Snatch your two arms out, that's the way to start Yam! First you side by side, then you walk it slow, Now, you turn around, and you heel-and-toe When that long note plays, away you go Yam! Any yamateur*** can do it, Listen closely while I cue it A left, right, left, right, one, two, three Yam! - Now, have I made myself quite clear, old scout? - Yes, but Fred, old boy, what's it all about? - It's about driving me crazy; you figure it out Yam! - How you coming, Ray? Can you yam it yet? - Well, I can do the "y", but I'm not quite set. I've still got the "a" and the "m" to get Yam! - Look, you make these things sound like a spelling bee. You don't spell yam, you dance it, see? - Yes, but Fred... - Oh, never mind, just follow me Yam! (Transcribed by Sir Isaac - August 2011)


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