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THEY CALL THE WIND MARIA From the Musical "Paint Your Wagon" (Frederick Loewe / Alan Jay Lerner) Recorded by: Ed Ames; Brent Barrett; Art Blakey; Jim Ed Brown; The Browns; Bud & Travis; Sam Cooke; Vic Damone; Richard Hayman; Tom Hazleton; The Kingston Trio; London Philharmonic Orch.; London Theatre Orch.; Sean McDermott; Vaughn Monroe; Daniel Narducci; National Theatre Singers & Orch.; Byron Nease; 101 Strings Orch.; P.J. Proby; Ron Raines; John Raitt; Pernell Roberts; Zoot Sims; Rufus Smith; The Starlite Orch.; Starsound Orch.; John Stewart; Bryn Terfel. Maria Maria They call the wind Maria Away out here they gotta name For rain and wind and fire The rain is Tess, the fire's Joe And they call the wind Maria Maria blows the stars around And sends the clouds a-flyin Maria makes the mountains sound Like folks were up there dyin' Maria Maria They call the wind Maria Before I knew Maria's name I heard her wail and whining I had a girl and she had me And the sun was always shining But then one day I left my girl I left her far behind me And now I'm lost, so gol-durned lost Not even God can find me Maria Maria They call the wind Maria Out here they gotta name for rain For wind and fire only But when you're lost and all alone There ain't no word but lonely And I'm a lost and lonely man Without a star to guide me Maria, blow my love to me I need my girl beside me Maria Maria They call the wind Maria Maria Maria Blow my love to me (Contributed by Shay Griffiths - May 2002) (Corrections by cquast - August 2005)


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