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THEY PUT A TOP HAT ON THE MOON From the film "Rhythmitis" (1936) (Irving Kahal / Sanford Green / Cliff Hess) Barry McKinley (Film Soundtrack) - 1936 They put a top hat on the Moon So, if you want a romance, you haven't much of a chance If you can't wear tails and dance To a Continental tune You gotta make her think you're smart You gotta know how to pose and by the cut of your clothes You can hide your 'dees' and 'does' And you're bound to win her heart You'll look sleek dancing cheek to cheek Mother matches patches on the suit you wear all week But in your tails you're the Prince of Wales You're in rhyme with the March of Time They put a top hat on the Moon And while the fashion is new, you better order one too If you want to say 'I do' In the merry, merry month of June (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2009)


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