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THEY'RE EITHER TOO YOUNG OR TOO OLD From the film "Thank Your Lucky Stars" (1943) (Lyrics: Frank Loesser / Music: Arthur Schwartz) Bette Davis (Film Soundtrack) - 1943 Jimmy Dorsey & His Orch. (vocal: Kitty Kallen) - 1943 Hildegarde - 1944 Joan Edwards - 1944 Jane Froman (feat. in the film "With A Song In My Heart") - 1952 Margaret Whiting - 1977 Rosemary Clooney - 1990 Andrea Marcovicci - 1990 K.T. Sullivan - 2001 Valerie Lemon - 2006 You rushed away and left this house as empty as can be And I am like the driftwood in a deadly calm at sea I can't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but thee For there is no secret lover that the draft board didn't discover They're either too young or too old They're either too gray or too grassy green The pickings are poor and the crop is lean What's good is in the Army, what's left will never harm me They're either too old or too young So, darling, you'll never get stung Tomorrow I'll go hiking with that Eagle Scout unless I get a call from grandpa for a snappy game of chess They're either too warm or too cold They're either to fast or too fast asleep So, darling, believe me, I'm yours to keep They're isn't any gravy, the gravy's in the Navy They're either too fresh or too stale There is no available male I will confess to one romance I'm sure you will allow He tried to serenade me, but his voice is changing now They're either too bald or too bold I'm down to the wheelchair and bassinet My heart just refuses to get upset I simply can't compel it to, with no Marine to tell it to I'm either their first breath of spring Or else, I'm their last little fling I either get a fossil or an adolescent pup I either have to hold him off or have to hold him up The battle is on, but the fortress will hold They're either too young or too old (Orchestral Break) So, remember this, boys She'll never, never fail ya While you are in Australia Or out in the Aleutians Or off among the Rooshians And flying over Egypt Your heart will never be gypped And when you get to India She'll still be what she's been to ya She's looked the field over And lo and behold They're either too young or too old (Transcribed from the Bette Davis recording by Mel Priddle - Nov 2007)


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