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A THICK, THICK FOG IN LONDON (Noel Gay) As recorded by: Jack Payne & His Band V. Jack Payne Recorded November 1935 Also recorded by: Harry Leader Sidney Lipton ‘Twas a very foggy night All the gas lamps were alight You couldn’t see the end of your nose We had just gone off to bed When me wife sat up and said “You’re going to take the dog out, I suppose” I said “It’s very foggy, but I’ll take him Perhaps he ought to have a breath of air” But me heart went in me feet When he scampered up the street And I simply couldn’t find the little doggie anywhere I lost my way in a thick, thick fog In a thick, thick fog in London It was half past nine, I was taking out the dog In a thick, thick fog in London I wandered round and round and round the houses I couldn’t find a policeman anywhere And at half past two, when the moon broke through I was all alone with Nelson in Trafalgar Square I wandered on and on and on and round and round about If I went home without the dog, me wife would turn me out She thinks a lot about it, alas it’s very true To her the dog is number one, and I come number two I wandered by the tower, and I fell into the moat A policeman dragged me out of there and grabbed me by the coat He said, ”My lad I think you’ve had a drop too much to drink” I said, “Well you’re a blooming fool if that is what you think” I found me way back home and found a sight to make me weep For there beside the bed I saw the little dog asleep The wife was all stand-offish, got right up on the shelf I said, “When next it’s foggy you can air the dog yourself”. Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - February 2013)


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